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Top 6 Benefits of Using Roll Labels for Your Business

Only 34% of business owners’ time is spent on important and urgent activities. For small and medium businesses on a budget, outsourcing label printing makes sense when you have tons of other critical tasks requiring your attention and focus.

However, before you hand off your label design to the printers, there are several factors you need to consider carefully, and one of them is the type of label you want to get. The primary classification of product labels is based on the material fed to the printer- whether it is a roll or sheet label. Since roll labels are made on a continuous strip of material wound around a spool, it offers certain advantages:

Faster Printing

When it comes to accommodating rising high demands and urgent label requirements, businesses simply can’t afford to waste time. Compared to their sheet versions, roll labels print quicker because they are fed to digital printers that are faster at producing high-quality outputs.

Roll label printing can also help you save more resources and cut down production time. Automated label printers are fed roll labels at a high speed with minimal labor costs. They also reduce mistakes caused by the misaligned application of labels due to human error and minimize waste.


If you are running a small business, you should be prioritizing your investments to avoid spending beyond your limited budget. Since you don’t want to be compromising on product quality, you can switch to more cost-effective packaging options. Roll labels consume fewer resources and are cheaper than sheet labels, especially when printed in bulk.

Less Waste

To get high-quality labels with less waste, it’s best to opt for roll labels. Unlike sheet labels, you don’t have to worry about improper positioning of roll labels for printing- they are fed to the dedicated printer with a label applicator. Roll labels also allow you to print as many labels as you want without wasting an entire sheet of labels.

Versatile Shapes

If you want to get creative with your labels and opt for custom designs in different shapes, roll labels give you the option to choose from various shapes and sizes. While attractive labels might not be all a potential customer looks for, poorly-printed labels can affect their trust in your business.

Various Materials

Any label material won’t do for your product. Based on your requirements, storage conditions and the product itself, label manufacturers can help you choose the ideal material for product labels. Some of the most common materials requested for roll label printing include:

  • White and clear labels

  • Durable materials

  • Eco-friendly roll labels

  • Foil labels

  • Permanent or removable adhesive labels

  • Glossy or matte-finish material

  • Water and oil-resistant labels

Better Storage

If you don’t plan to use the stickers immediately, roll labels are preferred over the sheet versions. This is because the adhesive used in the labels might cause the sheets to stick together, affecting label tackiness and potentially ruining the label. Roll labels are not as vulnerable to damage during the delivery process. They are also less prone to static buildup, which is common in dry climates, on synthetic material surfaces, and on electronics near large metal objects.

While you can print sheet labels on your label and sticker printer, roll labels offer considerable advantages when it comes to commercial printing purposes for small and medium businesses. Outsourcing to printing experts saves you time, money and resources in the long run.

Instead of trying to oversee the printing process to ensure you meet the deadline, you can easily send them to a label printing company. They will help you choose the right material for printing to make sure they match the quality standards of the industry as well as your requirements.

With more than a decade of experience catering to the needs of clients from various industries, including pharmaceuticals, we never skimp on quality when it comes to fulfilling your business needs. At Campolina Offset Printing, you are our first priority- which translates to timely response and zero delays, no matter what. If you are looking for roll label manufacturers near you for custom labels, get in touch with our printing experts.



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