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All about Campolina

Welcome to Campolina's Mono Carton product page, where we unveil a world of packaging possibilities. Our Mono Cartons serve as a perfect complement to our high-quality vinyl and paper stickers. Together, they create packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also make them stand out in the market.


  • 270 GSM

  • 280 GSM

  • 300 GSM

  • 310 GSM

  • 320 GSM


  • Transparent

  • Matte

  • Metallic / foil

  • Paper

  • UV ink


  • Custom Shapes and Sizes are available

  • All Shapes (square, circle, triangle etc)

Design Your Identity

Our vinyl and paper stickers add a layer of personality to your products. With a wide range of design options and materials, you can craft a unique identity for your brand. From bold and vibrant to minimalistic and elegant, we've got you covered.

Mono Cartons, when combined with our stickers, tell a story. Whether it's the sleek finish of vinyl or the natural appeal of paper, these stickers enhance your cartons' visual appeal. Your customers will instantly recognize the quality and care you put into your products.

Packaging That Speaks

Strength Meets Sustainability